1972 Buick Gran Sport


Buick Gran Sport, the Luxury / Muscle Car of the 60's and 70's.  Going Fast with Class!

 Pictures of our 1972 Buick GS ~ 455 & GS ~ 350

We bought the GS~455 in 1981 and are the third owners. The car is still factory original with 72K miles.  It has been garage kept since our purchase.  It is not in show condition, but is a perfect driver. Even the low resolution pictures give you some idea of its condition.  Amazingly, the interior doesn't have any rips or tears.  The top only has a small 1 inch rip next to the right bow.  The engine is the standard 455 cubic inch, 4 barrel.   It is hard to believe that this was a "compact" car during it's time period. The GS~350 was bought a few years ago and we recently sold it.  It was really neat owning 2 of only 852 GS Convertibles built in 1972.

Even though it is not a show car, it really looks neat sitting on the trailer.  We took a trip to a distant "cruise in" and decided to ride in air conditioned comfort and loaded it on the trailer.  The car has factory "air", but over the last few years of "non-use" it has depleted its share of the ozone layer.  As you may have noticed in the link to the production figures at the top of the page, this is a rare car.  Only 126 GS455-4V convertible's were built in 1972. We didn't realize this fact until the my Son found it listed in a magazine covering "Rarest Rag Tops".  There are no plans  in the near future to restore the car.  It is our hope to continue enjoying the spontaneous trips as they arise.  

 Link to 1972 Production Figures

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